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Opto-Mechanical Design

INOV’s opto-mechanical engineers provide powerful and innovative solutions in a wide range of industries including medical, dental, biomedical, automotive, and consumer products. Past projects include precision lens mounts, opto-mechanical design of interferometers and spectrometers, integration of optics into injection molded part design, and mounting optical components for shock and vibration for portable products.

We provide a more efficient, less expensive, and more controllable opto-mechanical modeling approach than optical trial and error, ensuring a high-performance, yet cost-effective product.

Our Past Applications Include:

Surgical Loupes

Medical Headlights


Biomedical R & D

Material Biocompatibility

Miniature Mechanical Design

Fine Mechanics

Professional Optical Drawings

Thermal Modeling

Lens Tolerancing

GD&T Tolerancing


Companies We’ve Worked With

Here is a sampling of just some of the organizations we’re proud to have worked with over the years:

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