INOV provides product development, optical engineering & project management services. Our customers have sold over $500,000,000 of INOV designed products. With 14 Product Awards our designs generate revenue for our customers! Specializing in Medical Devices, Dental, Consumer, Biomedical & Industrial Products. INOV INC. celebrates over 20 years of success. Our creative designs made the cover of the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry magazine.

Fred Bushroe
Fred BushroeFounder, INOV INC.

Fred Bushroe is the owner of INOV INC., Optical Product Design and Development. Prior to founding INOV, Fred worked on multi-year projects for Walt Disney Imagineering and Hewlett-Packard. He holds 16 issued and pending patents. Today he personally directs every project at INOV ensuring the highest levels of customer service and engineering excellence. Mr. Bushroe earned his Master’s Degree in Optical Science from the top optics University: the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona.

US5257051 Walt Disney Imagineering: Method and apparatus for adjusting the optical alignment of a film projection system

US5667291 Illumination assembly for dental and medical applications

US6012827 Mounting apparatus for head- and body- borne optics and illumination devices

US6106159A Quick release connector for fiberoptic cables

US6201640B1 Magnification viewer

US20070010069A1  Hand-held laser cutting apparatus and method using same

US7483145 Simultaneous phase shifting module for use in interferometry

US7645050B2 User-wearable illumination assembly

US8004687B2 Interferometric system with reduced vibration sensitivity and related method

US20130235610A1 Vanity mirror

US20150060431A1  Anti-fogging mirrors and methods

US20150259140A1 Dual sensing receptacles

US9638410B2 Vanity mirror

US20170038299A1 Online process monitoring

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