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LED Product Development

We have two decades of experience delivering a wide range of leading LED solutions for our customers, including LED medical headlights, architectural lighting, consumer products, otoscope illumination, automotive illumination, and more.

INOV’s proprietary LED characterization techniques and modeling expertise result in producing brighter, more efficient, and lighter weight LED optical systems, giving our clients an exceptional design – prior to prototyping.

INOV INC. has a proven track record of designing superior systems that eclipse the competition resulting in awards, brand prestige and profits for our clients.

Our Past Applications Include:

Medical Headlights

Pill Cam Illumination

LED to Fiber Illumination

Implantable LEDs

Microbial Detection Instruments

Endoscopic Products

Automotive Illumination

LED Light Guides

Backlit Indicators

LED Proximity Sensors

Injection Molded LED Optics

LED Testing

Companies We’ve Worked With

Here is a sampling of just some of the organizations we’re proud to have worked with over the years:

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